November 6, 2013

August 16, 2013

Wall Therapy 2013

South Wedge of Rochester, NY

 Above photo by Martha Cooper


Birds of Prey, Harman Flooring Building

Across from the Rochester Public Market

Peregrine Falcon

Red Tail Hawk

Bald Eagle
Turkey Vulture

Cans & Cranx, Syracuse NY

Perts, Mr. Prvrt, Bile, & Racket 2013 FUA/FFL

Wild Wings Bird of Prey Sanctuary

Located in Mendon Ponds Park, Honeoye Falls, NY
"Melinda the Barn Owl & Hunter the Barred Owl" -Mr. Prvrt 2013
"Gerhard the Great Horned Owl" -Mr. Prvrt 2013
"Tory the Peregrine Falcon, Isis the Golden Eagle, & Fergie the Ferruginous Hawk"
-Sarah C. Rutherford & Mr. Prvrt 2013


June 13, 2013

Flock Together

Showing through June, at The Owl House. 75 Mashall St, Rochester NY

A Sunday in the Subway

Biles, Mr. Prvrt, & Perts 2013

Cervis Lupus

by Mr. Prvrt & Sarah C. Rutherford
located on Pennsylvania Ave, behind the Rochester Public Market

Fighting Cock Robins

by Mr. Prvrt & Sarah C. Rutherford
located at the Rochester Public Market

Stencil? No Stencil

Recent Explorations in Technique from this Spring


Custom Scuplted 4" Kid Robot Figures

Girls Rule Boys Drool

March 19, 2013

Intelligent Apes Companion Series

Introducing my first ever series of Custom Scuplted Kid Robot Vinyl Figures.  They are apprx. 4" tall, and they are all one-of-a-kind hand sculpted and painted creations.  Each figure comes with a free copy of "Most Valued Primate" which is an 11X14 spraypainted print on high quality paper. 
For more details, and to purchase, head on over to Chase The Art
*As of this posting, 3 of 5 figures have already sold!! Act fast if you are interested!
 Bonobo Toy- SOLD
 Naughty Chimp Toy- SOLD
 Orangutan Toy
 Baby Chimp Toy- SOLD
Silverback Gorilla Toy
Most Valued Primate